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10 quotes that will convince you to keep a journal

Journaling is a hot topic lately. There are so many different types of journals: bullet journals, dot journals, guided journals…you name it. Social media is flooded with images of these gorgeous journal layouts that you can scroll through for hours (guilty as charged).  But if you aren’t used to keeping a notebook, it all seems like some crazy fad.

Daily writing is so much more than just a place to improve your handwriting or to use as a creative outlet. When you journal about your goals and dreams, you really discover who you are and what is important to you.  Do you want to know what your passions and purpose are?  Read through what you have written.

I truly believe that one of the best ways to boost your productivity is to identify your purpose. It is a simple productivity hack that just takes a few minutes a day. It will make you more productive than you can even imagine, especially if you make it a consistent, daily habit.

Daily writing is part of my morning routine.  Those few minutes of writing have given me more insight to how I work best than any other productivity tool.

As I have grown as a person, my values and goals have shifted and evolved. Writing keeps my head clear and my heart open to change.  Like any exercise, it keeps me flexible and healthy.

If you are new to daily writing, start with just five minutes a day (set a timer).  I started just by answering some prompts in my bullet journal.

Many famous novelists, celebrities, public figures, and scientists all swear by journaling for the key to their success.

So if you aren’t convinced of the power of writing yet, check out these quotes.


10 quotes that will convince you to keep a journal



One key to keeping a journal is that only you read it.  Then you can be brutully honest when goal setting and planning because you never worry about writing for someone else.  It will make your deadlines realistic and you will see quicker results.



Writing in a journal is great therapy and so healthy for your mind.  Physical and mental health are deeply connected so it’s important that you give your mind daily exercise!  You are the best mentor, coach, and therapist that you will ever have.



You should try to keep all of your personal and professional notes in one journal.  At first, it might seem strange to keep journal entries in the same book you use to take notes at a meeting.  But it is so helpful to see your whole blended life in one place.



Making big life changes can be pretty anxiety-inducing, especially if they are risky ones like buying a house or changing your career. When you brainstorm in your notebook, write down the feelings you have about each step.  Letting go of them onto paper will ease your mind.



Richard Branson, a billionaire businessman, believes he is so successful because he keeps a notebook on him at all times. When you come up with work ideas, gift ideas, etc. at random times, keep a list of them in your journal.



Life can be tough. Sometimes even the happiest of times can be overwhelming. When you have too much love or sadness bottled up, write it down. Make your difficult feelings external and you can work through them all with ease.



Let’s be honest– we all make mistakes.  We say things we didn’t mean or offend someone we respect.  When that happens, write it out.  And you should probably apologize to whoever you offende (especially if it was yourself!).



Try to enjoy the act of journaling. Don’t just see it as a box to check or a means to an end. It’s a practice and a habit, just like yoga or meditation.  Schedule it daily and make it a part of your self care routine.



Try to always keep your old notebooks in a safe place.  Go back and read old entries at the end of the year.  You work hard to become a better listener and a better friend.  But how well do you listen to yourself?



Get into the habit of keeping your notebook with you at all times.  Pick a book that you enjoy to write in and one that fits in your bag or purse.  Write whenever you have a few minutes.  Write in a waiting room.  Write while waiting for the laundry.

Just write.


Want some inspiration? Here’s a checklist of 30 journal prompts to help you start writing. 

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