Welcome to Plan Your Best, a blog for smart people who want practical tips on how to live an intentional and purposeful life!

I write about personal development skills that help people turn their dreams into tangible, real goals that they can achieve!

The blog is divided into three main topics: productivity, personal development, and lifestyle

In posts about productivity, I talk about the tips and tools I used to make the most out of my time.

Personal development complements productivity: if you aren’t growing as a person, it’s going to be tough to get to those big goals.

Finally, I blog about lifestyle changes that can create the space you need to become successful.

I truly believe that you can be whoever you want if you have a solid framework and strategies for the little road blocks that life throws at you.


Hi, I’m Valerie.

(and that’s Cody!)


I’m a research scientist at a university where I am getting my PhD. Hopefully within a year (fingers crossed!).

I live with my partner and our family of animals.  I spent my time reading about science, blogging, drinking coffee, and doing yoga.  Pretty much in that order.


Five fun facts about me:

I am a molecular biologist.

I work in research where I study how cells respond to stress.  I have always been fascinated with understanding how the body works.  I’m so lucky to be in this field– I knew exactly zero scientists until I was in college.  So if you are wondering how to get into the biomedical science field or just want to chat with a lady scientist, email me.  I could nerd out all day! But seriously.

I didn’t get a college degree until I was 31.

I went to college right after high school but dropped out and worked in retail for all of my twenties.  I decided to finish my degree in chemistry in my late twenties.  I’m not going to sugar coat it– not many people believed I would finish.  They was definitely laughter (and not the good kind!) But I developed a five year plan and did it.  It was my first taste of the power of planning and accountability.  And drunk with power I was…

I’m obsessed with organization.

I really like when things are in their place.  It makes me happy.  Full disclosure: I am naturally a lazy, messy person.  I used to be really messy but being organized reduces my anxiety so much.  I used to have trouble sleeping because all of my mental clutter.  Now that I have a adopted a more minimalist and organized lifestyle, I sleep like a little baby.

I am passionate about rescue animals.

I rescued my first pets five years ago. I am really passionate about pet adoption and wish I could do more.  I would love to foster animals at some point.

I love fashion and lifestyle blogs.

I’m not the most fashionable person, but you would think so if you saw what blogs I follow.  I just can’t get enough of the fashion bloggers.