10 quotes to convince you to keep a journal

10 quotes that will convince you to keep a journal

Daily journaling is life-changing.  It will make you more productive than you can even imagine, especially if you make it a consistent, daily habit. Daily writing will reveal your core values.  And once you define those, you easily become a truer version of yourself. It is a simple productivity hack that just takes a few minutes a day. When you…

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how to make a total career change

How to make a total career change

Times have changed. It has become totally normal to switch careers multiple times in your lifetime.  Not too many people go to college at 18, graduate at 22, have a 30 year career, and retire. Not anymore. In fact, by age 32 most people will have changed their jobs 4 times!  And by the time the average American turns 55,…

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The first (small) step to become a minimalist

It can be really hard to start living a simple life. But you are ready to make some changes in your life. Maybe you have read about the benefits of living with less. Or watched a documentary about minimalism. So you purge your closet. You make a budget.  You declutter every drawer that you can find. You feel more calm.…

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How to Start a Bullet Journal: 7 tips & tricks

Why would you keep a paper notebook when you can just use your phone or tablet? Well, there is a really simple reason.  A notebook is the best way to empty your mind and give you the space to really think and create. And it has some amazing health benefits. Smart women (and men!) use a bullet journal to boost…

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